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Файловый архив сообщества Open-SUSE . RU

SuSE On Active Diet


Let me present you the release of SOAD Linux. SOAD is an abbreviation from 'SuSE On Active Diet'. It's based on the latest OpenSUSE release (11.0) and aimed to deliver current svn code of Enlightenment-DR17 and Enlightenment-DR16 to the audience. Tried to demonstrate that OpenSUSE could be 'slim and fast'. There's no need to run KDE/Gnome/Xfce or any other 'resource hungry monster'. Current size of LiveCD .iso is 695Mb. Hope you'll be surprized to discover what is included into this release. Please note however that you must accept the licence from Novell to use this product. Find a 'licence.tar.gz' file in the root ( / ) directory. The content of this LiveCD include some packages from 'packman' repository and (optional) Adobe's 'Flash' browser Plugin with a standalone flash player pplication. OpenOffice suite and other tiny utilities has been selected as well. Proprietary video drivers from ATI are included as sources and require to install additional packages for a proper build. Links to the one-click install for NVIDIA current, legacy and ancient drivers also present in menu. We HIGHLY recommended to build NVIDIA propietary drivers from official sources. This LiveCD works quite well in 'qemu'. Installer to the hard drive works in 'ncurses' mode (/sbin/yast live-installer) and present as link in menus and on Your Desktop.

Welcome to the SOAD! (PDF) Analogue of 'Quick Start' or 'Getting Started' instructions.


Aria2 - torrent client, multi-thread download utility (use 'aria2c' command in terminal)
Microdc2 - console DC++ client
Exalt - your network manager
Evince - document viewer
Xchm - .chm files viewer
Gimp - image editor
OpenOffice suite - office suite
Firefox - default browser
Xmms / Mpd + Emphasis / E17_module_mpdule - your audio players
MPlayer / Xine / Rage / Emotion_test - media players
SciTE - text editor for X11
Meld - diff viewer
Mcedit / Vim - text editor for the console
Xterm - the only terminal here. Use with 'screen' if you wish
Exhibit / display / imlib2_view - image viewers
convert / imlib2_convert - image converters
Estickies - sticky notes
Elicit - color chooser, screen magnifier
Xfe / Mc / EFM / Pcmanfm - filemanagers
Wodim - universal tool for CD/DVD recordings
Elitaire - the EFL based card game
Xarchiver - simple GTK+ based gui for archived files
FBreader - books reader software
Lxtask - nice 'Task Manager'

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User: linux
Pass: soad

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Pass: soad

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Опубликовал: Azat!!!!
Опубликовано: Mon, 22-Dec-2008

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